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Comparing Circumstances

Finances are very sensitive topic for many people. Talking about what you earn or what you have in your account is very private. Where does this privacy come from, Usually comes down to judgement,  No one wants to feel inadequate based on there finances. Your income might be low but you have lots of savings Your income might be higher but you have less savings  It will all come back to comparing your situation to there's. I have deep conversations with people everyday about there finances. People in not so great positions think they may be well off. People in great positions think they may not be very well off at all. It is all completely circumstantial and your finances are your finances there is no need to compare to anyone else's. If you focus purely on your own finances and try to learn what YOU can do to better your finances that is a step in the right direction. I want to breakdown the walls of people talking about finances with people close to them or people who are trus

Free Money Saving Information

Service based businesses It is a statement used so consistently now. Providing/selling a service is one of the best ways to establish yourself as a specialist in your field. To become a specialist and provide a service is giving what you know and how you plan on doing it. You can be paid to provide your system and process. But anyone can whip up a service and provide information. How and what you do needs to have proven success in how it has been done. For me personally. Providing home loans has been an obsession of mine for the past 5 years. From coaching people without home loans into a home is what gives me kicks. The reward of that. At this current point there is no service charge for mortgage brokers. But i do believe that providing the information and knowledge i have from speaking with 1000s of people directly about finances is something that i should charge for. Right now banks pay me for bringing them business. All banks pay the same and all brokers have access to the same pro

The Great GAP

Confusion around AI comes from the unkown. Not knowing is scary. It's why you are scared of the dark. Looking out and seeing nothing is scary,  You don't know what's out there. AI will empower the hard workers and leave the people who skate through life choosing the easiest route. The conversation rose from talking to a mentor of mine who has young children. First year of high school and there are kids using AI to complete assignments and home work. His concerns is we will have people in jobs they are not qualified for because the use of AI has got them to where they are. But it simply cant happen that way. It is no different than today, Its just technology its not magic. You can use technology to become better or you can use it to waste time and host of other things. The people who use AI to better themselves while still working hard, Will just put a greater GAP between the success stories and the mediocre. The knowledge gap is what holds us back and using AI is just knowl

Crazy over Coffee

Title: Debunking the Myth: The Financial Impact of Your Daily Coffee In the contemporary world, there exists a common belief that portrays our simple joys, such as grabbing a cup of coffee from our favourite café, as financial pitfalls. The popular narrative goes something like this: That daily latte is burning a hole in your pocket. However, contrary to this popular belief, your cherished coffee habit won't necessarily ruin you financially. First and foremost, let's take a moment to ease the burden of guilt that you may have been carrying around. Spending $5 on your daily coffee fix should not be seen as an extravagant indulgence. If coffee serves as your moment of bliss every day, eagerly anticipated as you await your first cup, then this daily expense can indeed be a worthwhile one. Allow me to paint a picture with some simple math here. Suppose you partake in the daily ritual of purchasing a coffee, each one costing $5. Over the course of a year, this amounts to an outlay o