The Great GAP

Confusion around AI comes from the unkown.

Not knowing is scary.

It's why you are scared of the dark.

Looking out and seeing nothing is scary, 

You don't know what's out there.

AI will empower the hard workers and leave the people who skate through life choosing the easiest route.

The conversation rose from talking to a mentor of mine who has young children.

First year of high school and there are kids using AI to complete assignments and home work.
His concerns is we will have people in jobs they are not qualified for because the use of AI has got them to where they are.

But it simply cant happen that way.

It is no different than today, Its just technology its not magic.

You can use technology to become better or you can use it to waste time and host of other things.

The people who use AI to better themselves while still working hard, Will just put a greater GAP between the success stories and the mediocre.

The knowledge gap is what holds us back and using AI is just knowledge.
Using AI to its full potential is just more knowledge.

AI cant replace you if you use it to become better.


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