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Service based businesses

It is a statement used so consistently now.

Providing/selling a service is one of the best ways to establish yourself as a specialist in your field.

To become a specialist and provide a service is giving what you know and how you plan on doing it.
You can be paid to provide your system and process.

But anyone can whip up a service and provide information.

How and what you do needs to have proven success in how it has been done.

For me personally.

Providing home loans has been an obsession of mine for the past 5 years.
From coaching people without home loans into a home is what gives me kicks.

The reward of that.

At this current point there is no service charge for mortgage brokers.
But i do believe that providing the information and knowledge i have from speaking with 1000s of people directly about finances is something that i should charge for.

Right now banks pay me for bringing them business.
All banks pay the same and all brokers have access to the same products.

This does not mean the service and knowledge is the same.

You can lodge an application with any bank.

Is it the best interest rate ?
Does it suit your budgeting style?
Will they approve your loan?
Is there policy going to suit you?

All these questions are not for you to know.

If you could get all of these answered for free.

Would you ?

I don't charge for my knowledge or service.

Imagine if you could get all this information for free and milk everything possible out of me.

Why wouldn't you ?

If you can see how you would save potentially 100,000s of dollars for free.

What's stopping you?

Use my like you would use anyone that has information you don't.

ask me what you want to know.

It is literally my job.


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