Comparing Circumstances

Finances are very sensitive topic for many people.
Talking about what you earn or what you have in your account is very private.

Where does this privacy come from,
Usually comes down to judgement, 
No one wants to feel inadequate based on there finances.

Your income might be low but you have lots of savings
Your income might be higher but you have less savings 

It will all come back to comparing your situation to there's.

I have deep conversations with people everyday about there finances.

People in not so great positions think they may be well off.

People in great positions think they may not be very well off at all.

It is all completely circumstantial and your finances are your finances there is no need to compare to anyone else's.
If you focus purely on your own finances and try to learn what YOU can do to better your finances that is a step in the right direction.

I want to breakdown the walls of people talking about finances with people close to them or people who are trusted.

Remove the judgement 

Talk about bettering your finances,
What do you do
What do I do

Share so you can learn
Learn so you can improve.
Improve so you can live a better life.


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