Spend like it's your job.

Today I am going to show you how to keep your finances simple and effective.

In a world where spending money is as simple as a click of a button, It is incredibly easy to use your account and over spend. It has never been easier to over spend money because it simply doesn't feel real.

When money is in your bank account and you have access to spend it.
You will.
Imagine if every dollar you had was cash.
You physically had to give someone money for the item you want.

Lets say you have $100 and you need to pay $60 that is 100x harder than using your bank account.

I am certainly not saying take all your money out and use cash for your everyday spending.
But it is a really good option if you spend to much day to day or food In my opinion.

Online banking has made the world incredibly better.
It has also made everyone incredibly worse at spending.

If you struggle with spending,
Use these to sort your finances.

- Simplify your accounts
- Categorize your spending 
- Automate your budget (Example 2 accounts 200 sent to bills, 200 for food, weekly)
- Remove the ability to spend from your phone besides your food account

These basic tips can be used until you become a millionaire.

Simplicity and consistency is key.

Over the long term if you are able to keep these skills you will almost certainly ease the burden of your spending and be on the path to secure a better financial future for you and your future family.


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